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If you are applying to study in Turkey, student insurance in Turkey is one of the mandatory things. All Turkish universities have their own health centers. In Turkey, to have some health care, having health insurance is mandatory and necessary. On February 25, 2011, according to Law No. 6111 in Turkey, all international students in public or private higher education institutions must be insured by the Social Insurance Institution (Sosyal Sigortalar Kurumu) of the Republic of Turkey.

People who plan to travel to Turkey as international students must have health insurance during their official stay in Turkey. Therefore, if you are applying to study in Turkey, having Turkish student insurance is a must.

Health insurance in Turkey is a type of insurance against health risks and damages for individuals. Health insurance usually includes the costs of examination, diagnosis and treatment, and its working system is based on the principle of social solidarity to deal with emergency situations in order to reduce the pressure on the individual and society.

Private insurance companies and government institutions in Turkey offer ways to provide their services at different costs. Furthermore; According to the approval of the Turkish government, having health insurance is a must for foreigners who apply for residence in Turkey or Turkish citizenship.

There are 2 types of health insurance in Turkey. The first type, known as Private Health Insurance (SGK), is that if you wish, you can go to any private health insurance agency and use insurance policies designed for foreigners. Keep in mind that the coverage of these insurance policies is limited and valid only in hospitals with which the insurance company has a contract!

The second option is General Health Insurance (GSS). This type of insurance, provided by the Social Insurance Institution of the Republic of Turkey, gives you the right to benefit from treatment in all public hospitals for free. This way, you can get your prescription drugs at a very low cost. The most important thing to note about GSS is that you must apply for it within 3 months after enrolling in the university.

The benefits of health insurance in Turkey in two main cases are as follows:

  1. The insurance policy is one of the documents that you send for the residence request. Make sure you have documents related to health insurance because the Turkish Immigration Office does not accept any residence application without health insurance that covers the required period of stay.
  2. It provides minimum medical conditions in case of emergency during your stay in Turkey.

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