Opening a bank account in Turkey

Turkey is one of Iran's neighboring countries, which these days is one of the most popular countries for Iranians to immigrate, travel, or do business. To perform any of these activities, you will need a bank account. Opening a bank account will allow you to do your financial work more easily and more securely. The process of opening a bank account in Turkey and using its items and privileges will be accompanied by certain rules and conditions that we will discuss further.

Types of international bank accounts

You will need a bank account that has the ability to communicate with banks in other countries in order to be able to make your transactions or financial transfers internationally. These days, considering the sanctions that have been imposed on them, Iranian banks are putting a lot of trouble in front of you to transfer money to other countries.

Considering this issue, it is better to open bank accounts in banks of other countries. In general, you can open your account in two ways. These two forms will be explained below:

Opening a company account: As the name suggests, in this way you will be able to open an account with the help of company registration and documents related to your company. To open an account in this way, it is necessary to first register a company in the country of your choice. Now you will be able to become the owner of the account and use its banking services by presenting the financial and legal documents of your company.

Opening a personal account: This method of opening an account is suitable for ordinary people. Some countries require residency or citizenship to open a personal account. In such countries, you need to first become a citizen of the country you are considering or obtain its residence and then complete the process of opening an account by presenting documents. There are also many countries that do not apply such strict rules and you will be able to open an account only with the help of your passport.

Opening an account with the help of a passport may come with restrictions and prevent you from performing some banking activities.

You can choose from these two methods according to your conditions and the facilities you have. In addition to the fact that opening international bank accounts are divided into different types, it is interesting to know that international bank cards and methods of payment and money transfer are also divided into different categories at the international level. In the following, we will mention some examples of them

Opening a bank account in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that has provided a variety of international account creation services for foreign nationals with the help of several famous banks such as Zarat Bank, Ish Bank and Vakif Bank. Before any additional explanation, it is good to get to know the international bank account in more detail.

An international account is an account that has no currency restrictions and you will be able to transfer all types of currency to different parts of the world and benefit from all the usual banking services for them. In general, other services and cards offered by banks to open this account will not be much different from normal accounts.

To open an account in Turkey, you should know that you will face more problems according to your nationality. You will need documents to authenticate yourself. If you do not reside in Turkey or are not considered as a foreign national, you should consider the following points:

The first and most important point is that you must be present at the branch of your desired bank to open an account.
Remember that to open an account in Turkey internationally, you do not need to make any kind of initial amount or deposit.
You will need a valid address to open an international account as a non-resident. This address can be the address of your place of residence or your work. You also need to provide the bank with one of the water or electricity bills related to the introduced address. In this way, the bank can verify your identity.
Among the other mentioned banks, Zareet Bank can be a safer and easier option for you. This bank is considered among the state banks of Turkey and will have more moderate conditions and rules for opening an account.
An account you open internationally will be permanent unless events such as the death of the account holder, illegal acts or the like occur.

To open an account for yourself, you do not need to be present in person, but it is possible to open an account by proxy without being in Turkey. But be careful to provide valid documents. If you break the law, you will not only not get what you want, but you may also face legal penalties or financial fines.

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