What is Goethe's test?

This type of test, like the Duff test, is a type of German Goethe test, which is required for people who decide to continue their studies in the universities of this country or who plan to live and work in Germany. The Goethe test is actually the certificate of the same level as B1 as the sixth level of the common reference of language levels in Europe.

People living in Germany can prove their knowledge and language skills to German institutions by taking this test. In fact, people who have German language level B1 can discuss specialized issues in their academic and work fields with German nationals without any problem.

In addition to Germany, applicants for studies in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein must also take the Goethe test. Just as the IELTS test in English-speaking countries shows the proficiency of foreign people in English, this test is held in German-speaking countries to measure proficiency.

This international exam is held at different levels from A1 to C2 and participation is open to all. This exam, which is also held inside Iran by the Goethe Institute of Germany and also the embassy of this country.

Regardless of where the applicants for German language education were trained, they must finally take this test by referring to the German embassy. These people can participate in different levels of the exam depending on the desired state, city, field or job position.

Procedures and registration in the exam

People who want to participate in this exam can check the German Goethe Institute website to find out when the exams will be held and register for them. The registration time for each exam will be announced several weeks before the exam. It is mandatory to carry an identification document on the day of the test.

Registration for the Goethe exam is done online through the website of the Goethe Institute, and the procedure for holding it is two ways. In the first case, all four stages of the test are done in one day, and in the second case, the applicant completes each stage in one day.

Due to the large number of applicants to participate in this exam, it is suggested that people who have not participated in this exam or have failed in it before, do all the steps in one day.

Goethe test level

The Goethe test is a German language test that is organized by the Goethe Institute and the German Embassy. This test has beginner to advanced levels. The most basic level is A1 and the highest level is C2. The certificate of this test, regardless of its level, is valid for life and does not expire. In the following, we will examine the different levels of the German language.

Level A1

The lowest level of the exam is A1. At this level, a person can master basic sentences and everyday words. People who intend to join the family can obtain this score by passing two semesters of German.

Level A2

A person who is at the A2 level has a wider vocabulary, can communicate better with others, and is able to express their opinions and requests in simple situations. This grade can be obtained by passing four semesters of German.

Level B1

Conversing on all day-to-day issues, understanding the main points of conversations and talking about most of the things you will encounter in Germany are some of the skills one will gain with a B1 level. This level of German is acceptable for entering Germany and increases the chances of getting a visa application. This grade can be obtained after 6 semesters of studying German.

Level B2

A person who has B2 level can easily understand specialized texts and discuss the specialized issues of his field of study. Many German universities, whose tuition fees are free, have set B2 level as an entry requirement. This grade can be obtained after passing 11 semesters of German.

Level C1

C1 level is one of the advanced stages of this exam. A person with this unfocused level can speak German fluently without pauses. This level is required for doctors and a series of specialized fields at higher levels. This level can be obtained after 15 semesters of studying German.

Level C2

A person with C2 level can speak like a German without any problems. This person can gather a lot of information from different sources and write a comprehensible summary of what they want. This level can be obtained after 20 semesters of German language study and is more suitable for German language teachers.

Different parts of the test

The Goethe test, like all the level determination and international evaluation tests, has several sections, in which the applicant must obtain the minimum acceptable score in each section. These sections are as follows.

  • reading comprehension or reading (lesen)
  • Listening part or Hören
  • Writing part or Schreiben
  • Speaking part or Sprechen

How much does it cost to participate in the Goethe exam?

The cost of each level of the Goethe test is different from other levels, but it is held at the same cost all over the world. As the level of the test increases, the cost of participating in it will also increase. These costs are as follows:

  • Level A1: exam fee 105 euros
  • Level A2: exam fee 125 euros
  • Level B1: exam fee 210 euros
  • Level B2: exam fee 240 euros
  • Level C1: exam fee 270 euros
  • Level C2: exam fee 295 euros

This exam is held monthly in authorized centers and its time will be at the end of every solar month. The Goethe exam is held inside Iran at the Goethe Institute (DSIT) and the German Embassy.

What is the Duff test?

Test DaF (TestDaF), which stands for Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache; Like Test S, it is a standardized test to measure the language level of non-German candidates who intend to study in German universities. These applicants need a document to demonstrate their sufficient command of the German language. The questions of this test are designed in Germany and its scores are evaluated in this country.

This test consists of 4 skill sections: reading (Leseverstehen), listening (Hörverstehen), writing (Schriftlicher Ausdruck) and speaking (Mündlicher Ausdruck) and is approved by all German universities to measure the applicants' German language level.

The said test is held under the supervision of the TestDaF Institute located in the city of Hagen, Germany. The Duff test is being administered in 95 countries at the same time in official and authorized centers. The questions that can be answered in this test are the same for all participants and the results will be reviewed by people who have attended the course. The test results are presented in 3 levels and are equivalent to the European B2 to C1 or C2 leveling. Duff's language certificate does not have an expiration date.

  • Duff test level 5 (TDN 5)
  • Duff test level 4 (TDN 4)
  • Duff test level 3 (TDN 3)

For more information, you can refer to the German Academic Exchange Offices (DAAD), official German language schools, and the German Embassy.

Test structure and format

The Duff test is specific to university applicants in various fields; Therefore, it tests the required German language skills for studying with scientific materials and issues related to the university. The components of the exam are 4 comprehension, listening, oral and written, and the exam will be held in 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Reading Comprehension Section

In this section, the applicants to participate in the exam must have the ability to understand scientific and academic texts. The contents of this section include 3 texts taken from articles, newspapers, magazines and scientific journals that have different levels of difficulty.

Listening Comprehension

In this section, the people participating in the test should be able to understand the talks about scientific and higher education topics from among the three files that are played.

Written Production

In the writing section, examinees must be able to analyze and describe the statistics and reports presented in the form of graphs, figures and tables at the beginning of the text and express their opinions regarding the relationship between the graphs and the questions asked.

Oral Production

In this section, candidates should be able to talk about the relationship between academic situations, scientific issues, describe graphs and tables, conduct conversations with other students, and provide explanations about issues.

Who can participate in this test?

  • All people who wish to continue their education in Germany must submit a DAF test certificate to prove their ability in the German language, according to the laws in this country.
  • Educated people who want to prove their German language level.
  • People who need to submit documents to prove their German language level for employment.
  • All people whose knowledge of German is good and advanced and who want to test their skills. (If you are a new language learner, it is better to be patient to participate in this test until your information and learning are added a little.)

    If you want to know if you are ready to take the Duff test? It is the best suggestion to participate in the level determination test available on the TestDoff website. In this way, you can get a general summary of your general knowledge in German in about 10 minutes.

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