What is yos test?

Turkish Yos exam with the title (Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı) is the name of the exam that foreign nationals high school diploma graduates take to enter Turkish state universities and based on the score and points obtained in the Yos exam, they are allowed to choose a major and be admitted to universities. become the government of Turkey. Most of the candidates, in order to prepare and pass the YS exam with a score above 90, must participate in YS classes in face-to-face or online courses.

  • In general, the YS exam is held in order to attend and be admitted to Turkish public universities.
  • The YS exam is held once a year in the period of April, May and June.
  • This exam is held on the days announced by each university separately and in the main area of ​​the same university. Of course, according to the new circular of the YUK organization of Turkey, the planning is based on the central exam being held. So far, at the time of writing the article, the details of this circular have not been announced, so as soon as we receive more information, we will inform you.
  • The question book of the YS exam is designed and presented in Turkish, Istanbul and English languages, and the candidates choose the language of the exam when registering. (In some YOS exams of Turkish universities, the tests are also designed in Farsi. But in total, ninety percent of YOS phrases and questions are based on numbers and figures, and candidates will not need to read the text.)
  • Yous classes of Saya collection at the representative of Metropol Ankara start from the beginning of autumn and continue until the end of May. The registration schedule for the US exam starts from February and sometimes lasts for one to two months (until April) separately from the announced date of each university.

What parts does the test include?

YS exam includes questions {mathematics, geometry, intelligence} at the high school level. Most of them contain 80 questions, which contain 40 intelligence questions, 35 math questions and 5 geometry questions. Of course, in some universities, the number of questions in the US exam may be more or less than 80 questions. (For example, math course questions can be more than 35 questions.) The duration of answering the tests of the US exam is 100 to 120 minutes according to the policies of each university.

Is the YOS test difficult?

In order to ease your mind, it should be said that "the US exam is much easier than the Iranian entrance exam." Unfortunately, many applicants and Iranian students have wrong beliefs about this test. The YS exam consists of only 3 parts: intelligence, geometry and math. All Iranians score above 90 and mostly 100 on the intelligence questions. Geometry questions cover a limited number of topics and you can gain enough mastery in 6 months. The math tests of the exam are much simpler than the Iranian entrance exams, and even some questions are related to middle school years in Iranian books. As a result, you can prepare yourself 100% for the Turkish yos exam by practicing the questions and participating in a yos training course within 6 to 9 months.

In order to succeed as best as possible in the US exam, you must use the appropriate resources and preparation classes. The math and geometry topics of the exam mostly require a lot of practice and repetition and a professor who can teach you the testing methods. yos exam preparation classes are held all over Iran and Turkey. The cost of face-to-face classes in Iran varies from 30 million to 50 million, and in Turkey it is about 4000 to 7000 dollars. yos preparation classes can have a great effect on getting a high score for you.

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