Why Turkish passport?

Due to its geographical location and being in the middle of the two continents of Asia and Europe, Turkey has kept the originality from Asia and the growth and progress from Europe.

In 1987, Turkey applied for membership in the European Union, and in 1999, the Union introduced Turkey as an official candidate.

Therefore, Turkey has special economic relations with the countries of the European Union, which has made it very important in the field of economic issues.

The law of obtaining a Turkish passport

According to the new laws of the Turkish government on 19/09/2018, the conditions for foreign nationals who can directly obtain Turkish citizenship have become very easy.

Applicants can get a passport and Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey worth 400,000 US dollars. In 2022, the passport of Turkey was able to get the 39th position by obtaining 114 points.

When you take your documents to the city hall, you will be provided with the application forms. After completing the required documents and paying the fee, your documents will be sent to the Ministry of Interior for review.

Benefits of Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizens can travel to 72 countries without a visa, and Turkish passport holders can get their visas at the airport of the destination country if they enter 42 countries.

Considering the cultural proximity of Iran and Turkey and also the rial's value compared to the lira, this country can be a suitable place to live and invest for Iranians who intend to migrate abroad. Also, the modernity of Turkey, like European countries, and the cheapness of the cost of living compared to other countries have brought a huge flood of immigrants to this country.

Politically, Turkey has a high weight at the international level; A voice that is heard in international forums and is respected, therefore in Europe, Africa and even the Middle East, Turkey is accepted not as a tense country but as a friendly country.

Turkish passport will have many benefits for Iranians who want to live and work in Turkey. Among these benefits, we can mention SGK insurance, which is a free insurance in Turkey.

Also, after obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can do business in the world like a Turkish citizen, and you will not have the restrictions that apply to Iranians, either in travel or in business, with a Turkish passport.

Some advantages of Turkish passport:

Turkish passport and citizenship are delivered within a relatively short period of 90 working and processing days on average.
The right to enter 77 countries without a visa and to all 26 countries of the Schengen area becomes easier.
No minimum length of stay is required.
Turkish passport is among the top 30 passports in the world.
Turkish passport holders benefit from pension plans as Turkish citizens.
Providing free training programs
You are given the right to vote in any election.

Tip: Being valuable to Turkey (if you work for a Turkish company, for example, or are a professional athlete or university professor) boosts your chances of getting citizenship.

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