Student dormitory reservation in Turkey

One of the biggest concerns of students during educational migration is finding a place to stay, and dormitories are one of the most popular places among people. Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey, which has many student dormitories with various facilities.

Single and double dormitories and more in Turkey are provided with all the facilities and services of a 5-star hotel. For this reason, most of the people who immigrate to Turkey through education tend to stay in these hostels. These dormitories include services such as bathroom, toilet, study table, bed, wardrobe, refrigerator, high-speed internet, 24-hour security cameras, 24-hour hot water, ironing room, study room, laundry and dry cleaning, dining hall and 24-hour security. ... Are.

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Preparation of Turkish SIM card

Tercel, Turktelkom and Vodafone are the top three operators in Turkey.

In Turkey, SIM cards are divided into two categories: debit and credit. In credit SIM cards, you have to buy a package every month or use a SIM card with an activated tariff. Buying a package (the same envelope in Turkish) is much more economical.

In prepaid SIM cards, you pay the amount at the end of each month.

Buying a SIM card in Turkey

In Turkey, you can easily buy a SIM card in your name using your passport. But the most important thing is that this SIM card will be deactivated after 3 months. You have 3 more months to reactivate it by presenting Kymlik Turkey card. After 3 months, if you do not provide proof, your SIM card will be completely blocked and your number will be released.

The best mobile operator in Turkey

The best mobile operator in terms of antenna and service in Turkey is Terxel. The price of this operator's SIM cards is 370 lira. The minimum price of Terxel internet and call packages is 60 lira per month.

Types of permanent SIM cards in Turkey

Permanent SIM cards in Turkey are classified into two categories: credit and debit. Unlike Iran, where their permanent status is determined when they are sold, this is not necessarily the case in Turkey. Some operator branches are better for buying a SIM card and later you are more comfortable in the process of making the SIM card permanent.

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