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Russia is a country with an area of ​​about 17 million 75 thousand 400 square kilometers and a population of 146 million people, which is known as the largest and most extensive country in the world. This country is geographically located in the northern part of Eurasia. The largest population of Russia is located in the capital of this country, Moscow. The currency of this country is ruble and its official language is Russian. People who are looking to immigrate to Russia should get complete information about the climate of this country. Russia has a very cold climate due to its proximity to the North Pole. Russia has long been known as one of the most powerful countries in the world, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, its power weakened. But now this country is trying to restore its place in the world.

تحصیل در روسیه

One of the ways to immigrate to Russia is to study in this country. Most applicants to study in this country tend to benefit from scholarships in Russia. First of all, it should be noted that Russian universities have a lot of variety in education and generally, education is done in several sessions: full-time education, part-time audio education, and evening education for students. Foreign students and citizens can continue their studies with Russian citizens in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and participate in classes. It should be noted that students who succeed in learning Russian before entering the university or during their studies and are able to pass the entrance exams will be able to benefit from the same conditions as Russian citizens and study. Usually, foreign students need to submit documents such as a language certificate and their last degree to study in Russia and enter the university.

All about medical studies in Russia 2022

Since the time of the former Soviet Union, due to the high quality of education in Russia, it is very common for foreign students to study medicine in Russia. There are advanced clinics. Today, Russia has become one of the most affordable and popular countries to study medicine, attracting a large number of international medical students every year. Students who graduate from a Russian medical university can work in any part of the world. For example, a medical specialist who studied in Moscow or another big Russian city is in high demand and can easily find a job.

Programs and duration of medical courses in Russia

Russian universities offer Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees in general medicine, dentistry and sports medicine, which take between 6 and 7 years depending on the language of instruction. Medical courses are offered in both English and Russian, and for international students who wish to study in Russian, Russian language training is also offered, which lasts for one year. It should be noted that Russian MD courses are equivalent to MBBS courses (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).


The average duration of the medical course in English

Average duration of the medical course in Russian

General medicine

6 years

7 years (including one year language course)


5 years

6 years (including 1 year language course)

Sports Medicine

6 years

7 years (including one year language course)

Medical study conditions in Russia

Students to study medicine in Russia must submit a high school diploma with at least 50% marks in physics, chemistry, biology and English, a valid passport, a negative HIV test result, a birth certificate and an application form.

Benefits of studying medicine in Russia

Study medicine in Russia without exams

The admission procedure and visa process for students is very simple compared to other countries. Students do not need to take an entrance exam for admission to Russian medical schools.

Study medicine in Russia without a language degree

One of the important advantages of studying medicine in Russia is the possibility of studying without a language certificate. It is possible for applicants to study in Russian universities in both English and Russian, and these universities do not require students to choose the language of instruction and only offer Russian language preparation courses for people who are unable to study in English. Teaching in this country is done in Russian and English.

High quality of Russian medical universities

Also, the quality of education in Russian medical colleges and universities is very high, and Russian medical universities have a high reputation at the international level.

Affordability of medical education in Russia

The low cost of studying medicine in Russia is another compelling reason to study medicine in this country. The tuition fees for studying medicine in Russia are not much different for international students and citizens of this country, while in Europe the cost of studying is higher for foreigners. The high quality of education along with the low cost has made studying medicine in Russia attractive.

Valid medical degrees of Russian universities

Medical degrees issued by Russian universities are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, MCI and other international organizations.

Safe environment of Russian medical universities

The safe international study environment of Russian medical universities is another reason for studying medicine in Russia. The university is well maintained.

The cost of studying medicine in Russia 2021

One of the biggest advantages of studying medicine in Russia is the low tuition fees. The Russian government pays 80-90% of the tuition fees for foreign medical students, in which case they only have to pay 10-20% of the actual cost of medical education. Considering that the medical field in Russia is offered in both English and Russian languages, the costs of these two courses are different. The cost of studying medicine in Russia in English is 8000 to 9000 dollars per year, so that it is 7000 to 8000 dollars per year for Russian language.

The best medical universities in Russia 2022





Lomonosov Moscow State University



Kazan Federal University)



Sechenov University



Tomsk State University



Novosibirsk State University



Pavlov First State Medical University of St. Petersburg



Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University



privolzhsky research medical university



RUDN University



Saint Petersburg State University


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