Denklik (equalization of documents in Turkey)

People who intend to study in Turkey (at all levels of education) should apply for the equivalence of their documents. This equivalence of documents is called Danklik in Turkey; which is generally done by the Ministry of Education of Turkey for applicants to adapt their courses from elementary to high school and also by the Turkish Higher Education Organization (yok) for applicants to adapt university units.

In many cases, people who immigrate to this country with the intention of continuing their studies or even working in Turkey need to have their documents stamped to show that their educational qualifications are recognized in Turkey.

معادل سازی کلیه مدارک تحصیلی در ترکیه

The academic documents denklik

The evaluation of educational qualifications from elementary to high school in Turkey is carried out by the Ministry of Education of this country.

In Turkey, pre-university education consists of 12 grades. So keep in mind, if you are from the old system, it is mandatory to submit your diploma and pre-university to apply your documents in Turkey.

However, if you are a graduate of the new system, presenting your 12th grade academic transcripts and academic transcripts is sufficient for the matters related to Danklik. Please note that for matters related to the implementation of the unit, it is mandatory to submit the encyclopedia and transcripts.

University documents Denklik

If you intend to apply for higher education levels or work somewhere, it is necessary to apply your university degrees first.

Accreditation of university degrees in Turkey is done by the higher education organization of this country, which is known as yok.

The period of time that you should consider for obtaining university degrees varies according to the field of study. For example, for medical fields and their subcategories, the process of matching documents may take up to a year. While it is enough for other disciplines between 3 and 6 months.

دنکلیک مدارک دانشگاهی

Necessary documents for denklik

Before you start the process of matching your educational qualifications, prepare the following items:

The original diploma or a notarized copy of the original.

Note: Here, the term "diploma" refers to an encyclopedia, which can be a diploma, a pre-university degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a doctorate.

Official translation into Turkish of the original diploma
Copy of the original diploma and its official translations

In addition to the original encyclopedia, their official and notarized annexes are also required to apply for academic degrees obtained from EU member states.

  • Residence card or
  • rendezvous card
  • Original passport
  • Fill out the click form
  • A series of copies of all the mentioned items
  • A photo piece
  • Depositing the costs of Danklik

Note: According to the latest notification of the Turkish Education Organization from 09/30/2019, all matters related to Danklik can only be done by making an appointment through the system, and clients without an appointment will not be answered.

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