Turkish schools

Education in Turkey starts at the school level and continues to bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Education in Turkish schools is in Istanbul Turkish. The age of education in Turkish schools starts at the age of 7 and continues until the age of 18. Education is free in all public schools in Turkey. Studying in Turkish universities is possible in Turkish and English. Those who intend to continue studying in public universities of this country must study in Turkish, but in private universities it is also possible to study in English.

Turkish public schools

Like Iran, Turkish schools are divided into public and private schools.

Public schools only teach the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and do not have other supplementary programs. The quality of education in these schools is not as high as in Iran's public schools.

The cost of education in public schools in Turkey is completely free. Of course, an amount is charged under the title of support, which is about 200 to 500 liras for each academic year.

تحصیل در مدارس دولتی و خصوصی ترکیه و شرایط ثبت نام

Turkish private schools

Unlike public schools, private schools in Turkey have good recreational and enrichment programs for students.

From theater to holding recreational and educational camps, it is in the category of activities of private schools in Turkey. The tuition fee of these schools in 2020 was about 18 thousand Turkish Liras for one year. English language is often taught in private schools.

Necessary documents for school registration in Turkey

Simply and briefly, 2 documents are required to register in schools:

Kymlik Turkey, which is the residence of Turkey.
Registration in the Nafus Department, which must be done with house rent documents and bills in the name of the municipality where this registration is located.

Degrees in Turkey

In the table below, we have stated the educational levels in Turkey along with the age:


The age range of the student

Approved lessons


3 to 5 years old

Training, playing, having lunch

Elementary school

5 to 9 years old

Teaching reading and writing, sports, arithmetic, optional religious education, art and a foreign language

Middle school

9 to 12 years old

History, geography, science, art, physics, Turkish language, foreign language, mathematics, music and technology

High school

12 to 18 years old

Istanbul Turkish literature, mathematics, geometry, Turkish history, geography, chemistry, biology, foreign language

International schools in Turkey

In Turkey, there are international schools with American, English and German nationalities. In these schools, English is the main language and Turkish is taught as a second language. These schools are popular in Turkey and parents compete to enroll their children in these schools. The tuition fee of these schools is charged in dollars and it starts from 7 thousand dollars a year.

There are Iranian schools in Turkey in Ankara and Istanbul. In Istanbul, there is Fajr Persian language school, where most of the children of consulate employees also study there. This school works according to Iran's educational system and the curriculum is exactly the same as the curriculum of the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The tuition fee of this school is 450 to 800 dollars per year.

In Ankara, there is another Iranian school called 22 Bahman. The registration time in this school is from the first of July every academic year. Classes are held in both schools.

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