Frequently Asked Questions

What is acceptance without a test?

Without taking an exam, you can get admission in Turkish universities only by having an Iranian diploma and a minimum overall average of 12.

If we have studied a field other than the experimental field in Iran, can we apply for fields such as medicine, paramedicine, dental medicine, etc.?

Yes, in general, in Turkey, there is no field orientation in high school, whatever diploma you have, you can participate in your favorite fields, that is, your diploma does not create any restrictions.

What is a scholarship?

It means a permanent and permanent discount for the entire years of study. That is, for example, if you get a scholarship with 50%, you will pay this 50% every year and you will pay the same amount until the end of your studies without increasing tuition.

Is there an age limit to enter Turkish universities?

If you want to enter public universities, there is an age limit, but if you want to enter private, semi-private and endowment universities, there is no age limit.

Why do you recommend Turkey over European countries?

Turkey is the first recommendation of immigration companies in this country due to its geographical conditions, climate close to Iran, similar culture, short distance with Iran and reasonable cost of education compared to European countries.

What are the best courses to study in Turkey?

Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, international trade, various engineering fields, clothing design, interior design and design.

Is the degree we get in Turkish universities approved by the European Union?

Yes, the degree you get in Turkish universities is because of the ECTS credit system (credit system approved by the European Union in Turkey).

What is Tomer's degree?

Turkish language certificate that you need at least level B1 for undergraduate degree

Can I enter public universities without an exam?

Unfortunately, no, if you want to study in Turkey's public universities, you should definitely take the international exam and get the quorum score for your field, but admission to private, semi-private and international universities that have very high rankings is only based on GPA. You need a diploma.

What is the ranking of Turkish universities?

Most of the universities in Turkey have a high ranking, and because their counting system is approved by the European Union. Dear students with a high school diploma can study in the world ranking under 1000.

What is the YOS test?

An aptitude test for admission to Turkish public universities consists of three subjects: mathematics, intelligence and geometry. In order to be admitted to Turkish universities in the field of your choice, you must meet the quorum score.

Do all Turkish universities have dormitories?

Yes, almost all universities have dormitories, if they don't have dormitories inside the university, they have agreements with many dormitories and they have 24-hour security.

Are the tuition fees of Turkish universities paid in installments?

Yes, tuition fees for all Turkish universities are paid in installments for the first and second semesters