Immigration and residence in Turkey by buying property and house

Conditions for buying a house in Turkey

As you know, the Turkish government has set special privileges for buying a house in this country. Applicants can buy the house they want by knowing the conditions of buying a house in Turkey and following the rules and regulations of buying and selling. Turkey is a country that has seen good economic growth in recent years. This made it attract the attention of many foreign investors. One of the restrictions that the Turkish government has set for foreign investors is that they are not allowed to buy houses in rural contexts and around rural areas.

Buying an apartment in Turkey and obtaining Turkish residence

In general, buying an apartment, property and house in Turkey leads to obtaining the residence of this country. Of course, applicants should know that according to the new regulations for buying apartments in Turkey, foreign investors must buy a property worth 250 thousand US dollars. In this case, they can apply for Turkish citizenship to the embassy. Of course, it should be noted that applicants can obtain temporary residence in this country with 60 thousand US dollars and extend their residence every 3 years. This type of residence is tourist type and does not allow you to work in this country. Of course, by establishing a company, you can employ 5 Turkish citizens and obtain a work permit in this country.

Applicants to buy property in Turkey should know that they are not allowed to sell their property in Turkey for 3 years. Applicants can apply for their passport to the embassy after purchasing the property. The process of obtaining a passport may take 65 to 85 days. Of course, it should be noted that applicants can entrust all their real and legal work to their immigration lawyer so that things can be done more quickly.

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If you want to acquire the citizenship of this country by buying a 60,000 dollar house in Turkey, you must renew it for 5 years after obtaining a 3-year residency. After doing this you can get Turkish citizenship. Also, during this period, you should not live outside of Turkey for more than 1 year; Otherwise, you will not be granted citizenship. One of the advantages of buying an apartment in Turkey is that you can get your family’s residence permit and enroll your children in Turkish schools.

Renting property in Turkey and obtaining residence

Another way to obtain temporary residence in Turkey is to rent a house in this country. This type of residence is tourist type and does not allow the applicant to study and work in Turkey. In the latest laws of 2020, which will also be implemented in 2021, it is that the residence given for renting a house is for 1 year and cannot be renewed after 1 year; Unless 1 year has passed since your previous stay. In such a situation, you must change your type of residence in order to settle in Turkey.

Buying a cheap apartment in Turkey

One of the common questions of applicants is, “Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a cheap house?” To answer this question, we must say, yes, by investing 150 thousand US dollars in certain projects, you can buy a property worth 250 thousand dollars. The remaining 100,000 dollars will be paid to the government by the seller. Of course, applicants should know that this $100,000 is a 4-year loan. Also, the property purchased by the applicant is leased to the seller for up to 4 years with an official contract.

After 4 years, the applicant has received his property and can sell or rent it. It should be noted that this process takes 3 to 4 months.

House prices in Turkey

In order to invest in Turkey and buy a house in Istanbul and Izmir, you must have proper knowledge of how prices are priced in Turkey. The price of an apartment in Turkey depends on the size, project, age of the apartment and region; But in general, each meter of house in Turkey is at least 3000 lira to 5000 thousand lira. It means that you need 150,000 liras or more capital to buy a 50-meter house. Of course, with the fluctuations of the currency in our country, if we consider the price of 3400 to 3800 lira, you need at least 510 million to 570 million initial capital.

In general, the average price per square meter of buying a property in Istanbul is 4432 lira. Also, each square meter of real estate in Izmir costs 3569 lira.

Necessity of having a lawyer to buy property in Turkey

Iranian applicants who immigrate to Turkey are known as foreign nationals. Foreign nationals probably do not know about 80% of the rules and regulations of Turkey regarding the purchase of a house, and this ignorance may cause them problems. This confirms the necessity of an immigration lawyer. Our immigration agency is one of the few agencies that provides you with the best lawyers for immigration and Turkish residency.

An immigration lawyer to Turkey is a person who knows all the laws and regulations of the country of origin and destination and undertakes all the administrative and legal work of the applicant.

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